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All coffees are sold by the pound


Dark Mountain
Medium dark roast with deep, rich undertones of India, Africa, Central and South America.  This cup has lots of flavor with a nutty and chocolate-like finish.  Perfect for expresso.

Decaf Mocha Java

The Oldest Marriage in Coffee on the Planet. He's Deep and Earthy, She's Bright and Full-Bodied. No wonder they're still singing to each other after all these years.

Espresso Blend

Provides a smooth espresso, no bitterness, great crema which is the essence of the espresso shot

Out of Africa

Ethiopian based but balanced with the perfect acidity of a premium Central American.  Medium roasted.  Rich with a buttery finish.

Beachcomber Blend

A French roasted Guatemalan Antiqua and a full city roast Sumatra, provides a well-rounded body, smoky overtones

Dunes Blend

A dark roasted coffee, sure to please the senses.


Certified Fair Trade Coffee
What is Fair Trade Coffee? Coffee is the most heavily traded commodity in the world after petroleum. Yet most coffee growers—small, family farmers—have been left behind by this boom and can barely afford their basic needs. As an alternative to business-as-usual, Fair Trade:

Pays farmers a decent, living wage for their harvest

Creates direct trade links to farmers and their cooperatives

Provides access to affordable credit, helping farmers stay out of debt to local loan sharks

Promotes sustainable practices, such as organic farming, that help protect the environment

Generally a positive quality, ranging from mild to bright.


The composite of taste and aroma, ranging from subtle to complex and evoking such characteristics as fruity, winey, earthy, floral, chocolate, etc.
The volatile fragrance emitted by the coffee and detected by the nose. Try both dry and wet.


The “mouth feel” or sense of heaviness that a coffee leaves on the palate during and after ingestion.

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